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Coach Kru

Kru Rod Mckiver

The most sought after Striking coach to Professional Fighters in the UFC & Bellator.

USA Boxing and Muay Thai - 29 Years active

Trained & fought as an amateur boxer under USA Boxing from 1990- 1995

Trained & fought as an amateur & professional Muay Thai Fighter from 1995 - 2001

Founder & Owner of “Team Victory Muay Thai” in 2005 - present

Coached on promotions such as...

Muay Thai : WCK - LionsFight - PushKick- etc..

MMA: UFC - Bellator- StrikeForce- CXF - Combate America - LFA etc...

Boxing: Golden Boy Promotion- Mayweather Promotion- Premier Boxing etc...

Our Mission

It’s our mission to make sure that every woman and child knows how to protect themselves! Whether it be standing, on the way to the ground and on the ground- you should know what to do! We cover everything: Our specialties are Muay Thai, NoGi Jujitsu, Boxing and Wrestling.